Abram: The Breaking

He grew up a Sumerian Prince with Dreams of Leading Armies and Conquering Kingdoms. His true destiny was something far greater…

Before he was known as Abram, his name was Enkidu, the youngest son of King Terah of Ur. His dream was to resurrect the glory of the Old Sumerian empire, with himself at the head of its armies, and with his childhood friend Gilgamesh of Uruk as the future High King of the realm. But his aspirations are clouded when a battle with a fierce desert warrior leaves him mortally wounded. As his life ebbs away, he hears a Voice calling to him: “Come away with Me.” Even as he despairs, he is saved by a mysterious traveler from the West, and when he recovers, he finds his ambitions conflicted by the haunting
memory of the Voice.

So begins an epic tale of political intrigue, romance and the emotional soul searching of a man who would become one of the world’s most influential figures. Three great religions would come to claim him as their forefather in faith. But where did Abraham’s faith come from? Part historical fiction and part fantasy,The Breaking tells that story.