Axys Patches and Cheats

Download Latest Patch 2.0:


The following issues have been found and fixed.  Please note that saved games are not compatible between the original version of Axys and 2.0, if you install this patch you will lose all of your saved games.  If you have a saved game in the original version of Axys and would like to play through without installing the patch some temporary fixes are noted below:

-The door which is normally opened after completing the bible puzzle in Tramata Kingdom wont open, this is a bug, it will be fixed in the update, if you don’t have the update do the following:

Activate cheats:
Hold and press z, n and backspace until you hear a beep.
Hold and press t, n and backspace until you hear a beep.
warning do not activate the 2nd sequence of the cheats until you are at this point in the game, otherwise you may come across more undesired bugs in the game
Now stand in front of the door, press and hold 9 and T.  The door will open and you can pass through.[/i:2nxlk3ro]

-Access to The Amazing Sky Adventures battle arena is restriced and based on your progress in the Reigus’ Disco Dancing Boogi battle arena.  ie you can only play the 4th Sky Adventure battle arena level if you have completed the 3rd of Reigus’ Disco Dancing Boogi.

-Galations should be spelt ‘Galatians’

-The Well in the tunnel which leads from Tramata Village to the gray plague area outside it displays Gerald dialog instead of healing you

-After pressing some switches which make platforms disappear/appear, if you leave the area and come back again the switch may be up again, if you step on it a second time you may be unable to move, avoid switches you have already pressed if you haven’t updated with the patch.

-If you enter the underground tunnels from the hidden entrance that leads to a gold gem there will be black fog and the water is black

-The close button on the PDA menu that you access via the penguin statue is very hard to click

-Holding W before entering a level while it is loading causes axys to move forward slightly, offsetting him for some cutscenes

-The camera in Reigus’ battle arena level with Reigus himself was not in the correct position

-In the farm/side area to Tramata Village, if you walk through the tomato patch up the ramp if you stay to the left side there is a spot where you will fall underneath the level, to avoid this walk on the right side of the ramp, if you fall walk backwards towards the tomato patch until you get out

-After entering the underground treasury in Penu Harbor your feet will sink into the ground, where ever you go from now on Axys will be slightly lowered into the ground, to temporarily fix this quit the game outside of the treasury and load it again, this bug is implemented everytime you enter the treasury and fixed by restarting the game.